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Brackets appearing in g/s identification of newly filed app

This idea is submitted to request that the USPTO discontinue the practice that causes words enclosed in brackets in an identification of goods in a newly filed TEAS application to be automatically deleted from the application by TEAS.


I am aware that brackets traditionally have been, and still are, used to show goods that have been deleted from a registration.


But when a new application is filed, the use of this common form of punctuation should be accepted. It should not result in the always-unintended consequence of the goods within the brackets being deleted from the new application.


The TEAS support group replied to an inquiry about this issue in March 2009 as follows: "The form should not support/accept bracketed language in the ID. Brackets actually have a meaning when they appear in descriptions of goods/services when published in the Official Gazette."


However, this reasoning is not persuasive. The bracketed language in a new application will be examined and corrected by the Examiner prior to publication in the Official Gazette. Foreign applicants in particular are accustomed to using brackets in an identification of goods.


Thank you for your consideration.



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